Next meeting of the working group is planned to take place in Valladolid, Spain, on 18/19 October 2012 as part of the HYCON2 WP3/WP5 meeting.

The meeting is open to research groups interested in dynamic process optimization. Please, send a mail to: to confirm your interest in participating in the meeting and the Working group activities.

Valladolid can be reached easily from Madrid by fast trains (1 hour). Valladolid airport have also direct connections with London, Paris, Brussels and Barcelona. Further information can be found in Venue for the HYCON2 WP3WP5.pdf

The meeting aims to:

Review the current state of the show case, software, aims, etc.

Revise the progress made by the participants

Discuss control and optimization strategies

Plan research paths and common initiatives 


The previous meeting of the group took place in the Technical University of Berlin, TUB, on November 25th 2011, after the HYCON2 WP3 meeting. An overview of the sugar factory showcase was given, and a discussion was maintained about the aims of the show case and the simulator software.

A summary of the meeting can be downloaded from:

Berlin Meeting