In connection with the activities of the FP7 EU Network of Excellence HYCON2 on systems-wide coordination and control, a working group interested in large scale process control and optimization problems in the process industries has been set up associated to the Sugar Factory show case of WP5.

The Working Group is open to other groups in EU potentially interested in joining this activity. At present, several research groups have joined the show case activities. The aim of the working group is to joint efforts and meet around problems related to modelling, estimation, control and optimal operation of large scale and complex processes, as the ones presented in the benchmark, to interchange ideas and defining a roadmap for cooperation.

If you are interested in participating in this Working Group, please, send a mail to

Groups that have shown their interest are listed next:

Institution Contact E-mail
Ruhr University, Bochum Martin Mönnigmann
Hungarian Academy of Sciences Katalin Hangos
CONICET, Sta. Fe, Argentina Jacinto L. Marchetti
Technical University of Berlin H. Arellano-Garcia / Erik Esche
Vienna University of Technology Thomas Meurer
T. University of Dortmund TUDO Sebastian Engell / C. Sonntag / Katja Pelz
Universidad de Sevilla US Eduardo F-Camacho / C. Bordons
University of Valladolid UVA C. de Prada / F. Acebes / A. Rodriguez
T. University of Berlin TUB Joerg Raisch / T. Brunsch
TUB Stephanie Geist
UPC, Barcelona Vicenç Puig / Carlos Campo
NTNU Norway Bjarne Foss
RWTH Aachen University W. Marquardt / Inga Wolf